Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spend the whole of today studying and studying and eating and eating.
I woke up early to eat macdonalds breakfast today! And ended up studying there till evening. But at least it was productive! XD
Cant wait for my exams to be over.

Anyway, Ringo and Mikan was on The NewPaper today!
My Picture appeared on Saturdays paper instead.
Didnt know till my friends told me today! >_<

Got someone to scan it in for me. But its quite blur though. =(


The captions on top of this picture was kindda stupid. So i cropped it out. =__=

Okay going to sleep now!
Have to wake up early to study again!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy busy busy!!
Cant wait to get exams over and done with.



Boot camp at akibanana next week! Do support the new girls! =D

Oh and this sunday i'll be on The NewPaper! Together with Ringo and Mikan! XD


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

im not suppose to be here blogging,

nevermind T___T
And like omg, i've a thousand and one things to do..

I just replied a few emails and i even sent a message to my band girls about jamming! Which i know i shouldnt be thinking of jamming when exams are next week.. >__<

Its only when i badly need to study when i get caught up with doing other stuff..
Usual days when i dont have to study im like some bored freak stoning in front of the com..=__=

And now im here blogging this.. T__T

So anyway, this were pictures taken yesterday at work!
Working with Mikan is so fun! <3




Okay going back to my books.
Bye.. =(

Monday, February 22, 2010

My exams are next week and i thought it was the week after!!!!!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

In school now..
Not in a good mood.
So many things pissing me off.
Last night i was rushing home after work so i can watch some video and when i reach home WEEE.. internet not working.
Especially when i need it the most it choose not to work.

Also, this morning i was almost late for school.
And i forgot to put money in my wallet. Great no food for break later.

OKAY.. end of rant.

So anyway, i did a interview with razor.tv for akibanana about a month ago, during the grand opening and its finally out.
Got 6 parts!
Here is the link


I just managed to watch the videos!
and omg i notice i got super unstraight teeth!!
Ive not realised that in my whole entire life!! T__T

Okay, i'm going back to lecture now. =(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just came back home!
Had dinner with A and friends.
Then we all went to his house to watch soccer and constantine.
I always get disturbed when i watch constantine. No matter how many times i watch, it still has the same effect on me. Now keep thinking of it. =__=

I'm still so energetic now! Slept super long this afternoon >_< I'm so awake i can even study. But as usual i cant bring myself to. T__TPhotobucket



Going to bathe and will try to study after that.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just shared this video with Ringo and Mikan!

I always hear this song at work! And always thought it was cute! And today i happened to chance upon this video and HOMG its really cute!! <3 Plus they are all maids working in home cafe! The dance is damn cute!! Anyway tuesday i went to take a look at river hongbao!

Ate at crystal jade!
Recently slightly richer so can eat good food XD


My half eyelashes! love it!


I chose the sichuan spicy soup. And its REALLY spicy! But still nice. XD


And now for the VIP
The oh-so-amazing XiaoLongBao!


Damn awesome. When its in your mouth it gives you that few seconds of heaven feeling. YUM.

We were so bloated after the meal we totally didnt feel like going river hongbao. But we still did anyway since it was our plan.

So we walked there..
Look! The black horizon is peoples heads!


Ultimately crowded please. Okay that was at the entrance.HAHA Inside wasnt that bad XD

Nothing much inside besides the rides and cheena stuffs.
Bought Candy floss after we walked finish.



Candy floss was the best part of river hongbao for us. =D

Okay thats all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just came back from work.. TIRED TIRED!!
I served this huge group of 13 people!!
And i was working alone because miki fell sick.. =(
But lucky the 13 of them were super nice and friendly people!
Unfortunately, poor Mikan encountered a mean customer this afternoon, the customer wanted to complain on the slow service! POOR HER! >_< Mikan was also working alone and she was really short handed. T__T Mikan dont be sad.. I counted my hongbaos just now again.. It is really decreasing each year! i remember when i was young i used to have 5 times more than now!! Oh well.. Okay so day2


day2 got scolded by mum for wearing black.. I first day wear super red already lor. =__=


Picture stoled from my cousin fb! This picture make her look so short! She isnt that short! haha!

Followed some friends for supper at prata shop after that!




Pictures for day2 are still in dads cam so this is all i have..

Working tomorrow after school!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The best thing about me is you.

love Pictures, Images and Photos
Okay shall blog my pictures for day1cny before i go to sleep!



My brother is SUPER naughty. Look at his faces in the pictures.. =_=


Grandma's traditional mee swa. Very nice! But only once a year then get to eat. =(



We only visited my both side grandparents house on that day! which is good! XD cause i had a few hours to escape and celebrate vday with my friends!

We went to esplanade to eat hagen daz!


I had cherry cream ice cream and he had his usual cookies and cream ice cream. =)




Went home after our ice cream as we were tired. But i still enjoyed that hour spent talking over our ice cream!

Okay going to sleep now.


Monday, February 15, 2010

I was watching some of the japan maid cafe videos on youtube just now.
The maid cafes in japan are so real!!
Now i understand what my boss means when she says we are not lively enough. >_< The girls working in the japan maid cafe talk super MOE and energetic! They even have performance for their goshujin samas. And their omurice drawing is SO much nicer than mine.. =( Okay this reminds me.. Tomorrow start school and work already.. How great, exams are coming too. =_= Anyway on Saturday, Cny eve i went out for reunion lunch and some shopping! Ate Ramen!! XD


After shopping went starbucks to sit down and bought this weird orange mocha frappuchino. It taste just.. weird! Maybe because i dont really like oranges. =/


Then went home to have reunion at grandparents house.


Oh and earlier last week i went to join some friends for steamboat!


Eat Eat Eat!!!
Omg all the pictures is eating one! =___=

Okay going to get ready to go out. Going to river hongbao to take a look later XD
Enjoy the last few hours of the holidays everyone!

Its 2nd day of CNY! Did almost all my visitings already!
Hope everyone is having fun!
Will blog when i have time!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Went shopping at suntec, marina and bugis just now!
But most of the shops were already closed for Cny, at least i still managed to get what i wanted! =D
Then went Grandparents house for reunion.
I ate so much! And after that all we did is just sit down watch tv and hear the adults talk.. =_= How boring!

Anyway took pictures as usual BUT cable is still not with me!

Oh i kindda attempted to paint my own nails last night but it failed damn badly!! Im always so clumsy! It looked fine at first, but before it dried i kept hitting my nails and it all got disfigured.. =( Damn loserish lah! Oh well .. going to attempt it again later!

Alright! HAPPY CNY and VDAY!
Wish everyone HAPPYHAPPY and LOVELOVE! <3

ps: Going to redo blog again.. Sister said pictures not nice.. =( Oh man.. maybe after cny or something.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today school gave out free kueh lapis!
And its probably the best kueh lapis ive ever tasted!! Its seriously damn awesome..
okay maybe i was hungry too. But it tasted super good!

(taken with hp cam!)

Next few days will be busybusybusy..
Why must all the occasions clash in one week!
There is like CNY and Vday,
and there are countless of gatherings and celebrations that would be going on!

The worse thing is, after all the celebrations this week there is the grand finale 'EXAMS'. FML..

how great.. Okay im going to try paint my nails and get back to sleep! >_< its 6am!
Going shopping later!!

ps:cant blog more picture because camera cable is not with me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pon and zi Pictures, Images and Photos

I wanted to make you happy but i said the wrong thing.