Sunday, February 21, 2010

In school now..
Not in a good mood.
So many things pissing me off.
Last night i was rushing home after work so i can watch some video and when i reach home WEEE.. internet not working.
Especially when i need it the most it choose not to work.

Also, this morning i was almost late for school.
And i forgot to put money in my wallet. Great no food for break later.

OKAY.. end of rant.

So anyway, i did a interview with razor.tv for akibanana about a month ago, during the grand opening and its finally out.
Got 6 parts!
Here is the link


I just managed to watch the videos!
and omg i notice i got super unstraight teeth!!
Ive not realised that in my whole entire life!! T__T

Okay, i'm going back to lecture now. =(

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