Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just shared this video with Ringo and Mikan!

I always hear this song at work! And always thought it was cute! And today i happened to chance upon this video and HOMG its really cute!! <3 Plus they are all maids working in home cafe! The dance is damn cute!! Anyway tuesday i went to take a look at river hongbao!

Ate at crystal jade!
Recently slightly richer so can eat good food XD


My half eyelashes! love it!


I chose the sichuan spicy soup. And its REALLY spicy! But still nice. XD


And now for the VIP
The oh-so-amazing XiaoLongBao!


Damn awesome. When its in your mouth it gives you that few seconds of heaven feeling. YUM.

We were so bloated after the meal we totally didnt feel like going river hongbao. But we still did anyway since it was our plan.

So we walked there..
Look! The black horizon is peoples heads!


Ultimately crowded please. Okay that was at the entrance.HAHA Inside wasnt that bad XD

Nothing much inside besides the rides and cheena stuffs.
Bought Candy floss after we walked finish.



Candy floss was the best part of river hongbao for us. =D

Okay thats all!

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