Saturday, February 13, 2010

Went shopping at suntec, marina and bugis just now!
But most of the shops were already closed for Cny, at least i still managed to get what i wanted! =D
Then went Grandparents house for reunion.
I ate so much! And after that all we did is just sit down watch tv and hear the adults talk.. =_= How boring!

Anyway took pictures as usual BUT cable is still not with me!

Oh i kindda attempted to paint my own nails last night but it failed damn badly!! Im always so clumsy! It looked fine at first, but before it dried i kept hitting my nails and it all got disfigured.. =( Damn loserish lah! Oh well .. going to attempt it again later!

Alright! HAPPY CNY and VDAY!
Wish everyone HAPPYHAPPY and LOVELOVE! <3

ps: Going to redo blog again.. Sister said pictures not nice.. =( Oh man.. maybe after cny or something.

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