Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday was FUNNN!
Had a blast celebrating Huiyun's birthday!
Everyone is still as playful as secondary school days. XD
Feel so happy i finally got to meet up with them. ^_^

Ive been eating so much recently!
I dont know why im always hungry.
I could be super full now but one hour later i'll be hungry again. =(
Need to start exercising so i dont put on any weight. >_< Maybe i should follow Alfred train so i can be as fit as him. Oh well. Going to prepare for work now. Super lazy please.. This weather is making me sleepy. Blog again tonight. ByeBye. Haruhi Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm home! After experiencing the worse movie night ever!
Went Suntec to catch the movie Kidnapper.
I tell you, its not only thrilling, its scary, gruesome and disturbing!!
Okay, maybe thats because i got a weak heart for anything gruesome or scary.
I only watched that show cause i appeared in a split second in the taxi, if not i wouldnt have chose that show!
Hate it when the freaking guy tortured the boy and how Christopher Lee went through so much pain to save his son.
Was super uncomfortable throughout the movie! Wanted to leave but then Alfred was kindda enjoying the movie. =(
Lucky i had an i idea to Fb on my phone so i can be distracted during the movie.
But somehow even the sound of the boy screaming freaked me out.

Alright enough of this pointless ranting. -__-
Tomorrow i'll be working day shift! Really hope i can wake up!
Its been so long since i work day shift.
After work i'll be going for Huiyun's Birthday gathering! Cant wait! I've not met all of them for so long!

Pictures from today. A few.

Being bored and retarded and edited a stupid flower on the pic.

Ate Subway for dinner! Super nice... =D the coldcuttrio was especially awesome today..

Going to try to sleep now.
Hope i wont keep thinking of the show. =(

Friday, March 26, 2010

This is going to be a very short post!

Met some super fun customers at work today. They were so friendly!

I might be catching a movie tomorrow! Cant wait! Miss watching movies! =D

Okay and here are some random pics.

Cool eh?


Okay will blog again tomorrow! BYE!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know you always watch 'Just for laughs' on the bus home or on television and sometimes you just cant help but laugh at those creative pranks they play on people.
I do find it rather entertaining and some are actually super funny.
But ever thought how it would be like if you were the one that got tricked on camera?
Its extremely not funny to me.
About more than a year ago, i think February last year, i was walking past the Clarke Quay bridge to work. There i got pranked by this group of people pretending to know me. Stupid me got tricked into it and i didnt think they were playing a trick on me till they told me. =__=
It was so embarrassing seriously! And after that incident i was wishing hoping praying it would never be published and no one will ever know about me being punked. I think i didnt tell anyone except akimme at that time. And this incident was LONG forgotten.

Yesterday! TADA! History replayed! And wow i never knew so many people had time for channel 5 shows. >_> Its super embarrassing! Like so many of your friends watched you get punked. Argh! The feeling is like you want to hide your face away from everyone! Damn angry!! @#%^&*

Okay enough of that.
Missed free cones day yesterday! So if i have no work this weekend i shall have a Ben and Jerry's ice cream outing! Thats IF i have no work. =)

Alright for pictures....
Photobucket is lagging on me! Okay i shall post 2 pictures first >_<



On my way to photoshoot on Monday!
Mikan's Purple care bear which she lend me last Sat! I want to get one for myself! =D super tiny and portable! haha.

Okay shall post more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recently not in the mood to blog.
But i have to keep this alive!

Yesterday had a casual photoshoot with Shiro.

Heres a picture from the shoot!


Shiro is a Good photographer! I swear! He really has a standard to his pictures. =)
Need to learn more from him.

Okay BYE.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi im back.
Performance on saturday was.. alright. I did my best. =) thats all i can say.
I hope we will do better the next time round ! ^^
Next performance will be soon! Hopefully we will be more prepared in the next performance. =)
Thanks to those who came down to support us!!

Didnt really take pictures on sat.. Was too nervous to even think of taking pictures. =X

Picture taken at work last week!

Picture taken yesterday at work. Wearing some weird big big pyjamas =__=

Okay! BYE!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Performance is tomorrow.
and im honestly not looking forward to it one bit.
I just cant wait to get over it.
I'll be happy and satisfied if we just perform without embarassing ourselves or making a fool on stage.
Our manager probably didnt realise it was too rush.
I hope the stage crashes tomorrow so i dont have to perform.
Its stupid that i keep asking people to 'come support us' when i cant even support my ownself.

Okay enough of me being emo.
I always weaken at the wrong time.
Need to stay strong!


Okay sleep time.
Dance rehersal tomorrow at 11am
Performance at 7pm.
Will take pictures! =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Been super busy!
And im not feeling quite well this few days.
Hope i dont fall sick tomorrow. >_<
Didnt get to take pictures this few days too. =(

anyway here is some promo thingy for what is happening tomorrow.

'Dear Goshujinsama and Ojousama,

We have a SUPER big piece of news to tell you! Four of our A87 girls have recently formed a band, Ichigo Club!

It consists of Miyo (the genki, bubbly osanajimi), Yui, (the girl who could be unpredictable at times, acting cool in one moment and cracking jokes in another), Ringo (the moe-blob with her super high-pitch voice), and last but not least, Mikan! (the meganeko and your resident banana blogger! 8Dv )

Well, Goshujinsama and Ojousama might be wondering why our band is named Ichigo Club... Care to make a guess? Ichigo directly translates to strawberry in Japanese, and at the same time, it is made up of Ichi (1) and Go (5). See? We played a pun on numbers and fruits! (Ichigo-club is to Akibanana, 15 is to A87!) Our band name is pretty cool, isn't it?

This 4-girl band would be singing and dancing to

Akiba-kei refers to people who spend a lot of time in Akihabara and are obsessed with fantasy worlds. Anime, manga, maids, idols and games are their main interests. Akibe-kei or Akiba style can be used to describe things influenced by the subculture in Akihabara. ">Akiba-kei songs and our first performance will be this coming Saturday March 20 7pm at The Cathay!!

Here is a clip of us practising our dance:

Do come and support us !'

Going to cut hair now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I might be cutting hair soon!
My hair is super out of shape.
Might be cutting shorter!

Had dance practice yesterday with Mikan and Ringo!
Took some pictures while we were taking a break.



a horrible picture of me and mikan trying split.

It was super fun practicing with them.
Oh Oh, Will you come and watch our performance if we cartwheel tumble and split in our maid costume?? XD

Working full shift tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I really dont know what to say.
My sister has serious issues. Right now im even shy she is my sister.
I dont even feel like calling her my sister.
Woke up early this morning to drink water and saw she was getting ready for school.
Went to peep at her preparing and saw she was wearing my favourite hairtie.
I told her nicely to take it out cause i was going to use it later.
And she shouted back at me saying, 'i dont care you are lending it to me'
then i said that i really want to use it later.
And she again said 'no i'm using it.'
It continued like that for a few more sentences till i got pissed off and shouted at her to take it out and i'll lend her another one.
So angry as she already was and always is, she took it out.
I really have no idea why one hair tie can make her so angry and worked up.
She even left the house without eating her breakfast that my maid took time to prepare nicely for her.

Just 2 days ago, On saturday.
Akibanana needed one more girl to work for the event on saturday.
A few days in advance i decided that maybe my sister can work since its only a day and besides she needed something more to her life.
So i called her, and she said okay. I abruptly confirmed with her and told her i'll send her the details.
As usual, with her 'dont-care' character, she didnt bother to even confirm anything with me and didnt even ask me any questions.
In fact she doesnt even know the timing to report and what she was suppose to do even though an email was sent to her (which i doubt she read).
Like omg, its a work thing and i was giving her an opportunity and yet she EXPECTS me to tell it to her like some kid.
So knowing her kind of attitude, i called her several times on Friday but she didnt pick any of my calls. I even messaged her to remind her and asked if she still wanted to do the job. BUT she didnt reply me either.
Obviously i would be responsible if she didnt turn up for the work. So to play safe, i decided to find someone else to replace her instead, so i wouldnt have to worry about her. Besides if she were to really go to the work, she would be expecting me to bring her there and help her dress up and everything. So i got a replacement for her. FYI im really too busy with work every day and i hardly get to see her at home.

The morning before the work, (work is at 1.30pm) at 10.30am she came into my room to take something and randomly asked me if today she got the work thing.
So i told her that it was too late cause i got someone to replace her since she didnt even get back to me.
She got mad, and started shouting at me, scolding me, accusing me and blaming me for not giving her the job.
She shouted at me saying that i didnt tell her she was being replaced and i put other people before her. And many other brainless accusations.
I got so angry i tried to argue and shouted back but it just got worse, because i was arguing with someone brainless.
I told her she should be more responsible and confirmed things with me in the first place. Plus if she really wanted the job she would have been pestering me for the details instead of me trying to contact her.
Simple to understand and its obvious she was in the wrong.
But she just kept going on and on shouting and screaming without thinking.
The quarrell was really bad.
She even went to the toilet to cry.
My parents thought i was the one that bullied her as usual.

I know i should had just shut up since i knew she was like that.
But the way she made those remarks, it was just too much.

Its such a pain coming home sometimes.
But i guess thats life for me.

tsukasa Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm going back to sleep now.
Thanks for reading this if you really read through this whole post.
I just needed to vent this out. I do feel better after typing this. =)

Hope everyone has a good day!
Having a swollen eye.. I think the mosquito bit my eye while i was sleeping or something. I just woke up with my lower eyelid red and puffy. Damn ugly. >_<
Lucky tomorrow no work. =(

Here is a picture taken after our photoshoot that day.
From Ringo's camera. =D


We will be having a performance this saturday at The Cathay! 6pm! Please do come and support us! XD

Oh pyjama theme starts on tuesday! No more maid costume for awhile!! weee!

Okay im going back to sleep, hopefully eyes wont be swollen anymore when i wake up.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Had quite a bad day. Wasnt feeling well, and quarrelled really badly with my sister.
Oh well. Anyway, i went to support A at his Bi-athlon early in the morning. It was super hot at east coast park! Cant believe people will want to take part in such a event when the weather is insane

The transit point after the 1.5km swim, where they change their shoes for the 10km run. The sea looks too scary to even step in, no idea how people can swim through that.

A and his friends

Went to parkway to eat Pasta Mania after that.

After that i went home and had a huge quarrell. Untill now when i think of it i still feel damn angry. Anyway its over and i wont bother with her anymore.

And just after i had the huge quarrell with my sister, my maid came to tell me that she put my favourite pink cat tshirt in bleach and the colour is gone. How great. Its my favourite tshirt! But i guess its okay since she apologised non stop. So, i went town for dinner just now and dropped by cathay to see if the cosplayers were still there. Didnt see any of them =( BUT i saw something very horrible. My freaking unglam pictures were being used as posters for the freaking event!! Mikan and Ringo and Yui too!! There were like so many posters of us and it is all at the main entrance of cathay. Like WTF! Its super... NOT nice! Mikan was complaining too! I bet there were alot more nicer pictures from the photoshoot. No idea why our boss chose those pictures. =(

Argh! Bad Bad Day...
Going to sleep now.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, March 12, 2010

So many things to settle. So many things happening..

Anyway, i just said i was bored of the maid costume a few days ago. And guess what, A87 decided to have a pyjama theme!!
Its going to happen next week! And all the maids and butlers will be wearing Pyjamas to serve the customers!
I shall wear slip on long long dress and slippers. =)
Finally a break from the "SuperDuperHardToWear Maid costume"

Here is some pictures taken today during work before the huge huge group of customers came in and disturbed my slacking time. >_>


I brought my bear for next week pyjama theme! XD Hope he doesnt get splattered with curry or whatever.


Going to sleep now! Need to wake up early tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember my internet was down for a period of time recently?
That day i was being lame and decided to take pictures of the old and new modem when the starhub man came to swap them.
They looked super funny beside each other.
The new one is Black and look super fierce beside the old and White one.






Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I managed to print screen the few seconds i appeared on where got ghost.
Just happened to bump on a youtube video while i was searching on jack neo. =D
Some freaking con-girls scene.
I'm the idiot right at the back. writing on the board. XD
Its seriously a few seconds scene. Super pathetic. But i remember it was fun shooting that scene! XD

I just read the Jack Neo's news!
And omg now there are 11 women whom he had affair with!
And.. Most of them were from Jteam! >_<
And.. you know what?.. i'm from Jteam too!
I signed the contract with Jteam in 2008 too.
And also played a stupid small role in the movie money no enough 2!
And had many other opportunities to be on screen!
Not forgetting the up coming Kidnapper show with Christopher Lee.
All thanks to Jteam who gave me the opportunities.
And i thought everything was so professional! Met Jack Neo, spoke to him, he really sounds like a professional director.
Totally appear to me like a man who is flying high up there and only talks to you to PR.

And omg, now this news. Its a huge huge shock!
For someone like him who stands with the rights of Singaporeans.
He was a huge role model, film director, actor.
Who produced entertaining shows for the nation.
One of the most well known man in the Singapore entertainment industry.
I feel disgusted, dissapointed and very sad.

I used to look at him and say 'Wow', but now i'd probably look at him and say.. 'Eww'.
So many years of building his image..
Even if the matter is solved, the impression people now has on him will never be the same.

Reason for this post:
Even Jack Neo cheated, so can my boyfriend and so can yours.

Good thing my blog isnt known to many. So the media wont chance upon this post in case i said something wrong.

Going to sleep now. Night.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I miss home cooked food. =(
I've been out so much lately i hardly get to see my family.
But i guess i have to get used to it because very soon they would be gone for good.
The thought of coming home without a family scares the shit out of me.
Seriously it does. I wish i knew how to make myself feel better.
Its not going to be easy. All this years i've been living with the idea that my family would always be there. But unfortunately somethings just dont go my way.
I need to be strong. Need to be strong. Need to be strong..

Its bothering me everyday i can hardly feel totally happy.

Work later. Bye.
Dance practice today was fun!
Had a big discussion with a87 people.
Will update more on what is happening slowly!

Anyway, here are pictures from yesterday night when the japanese people came.
They were important bosses from Japan who are now in Singapore and our boss brought them back to have a discussion.
They were super nice people!! Super funny too!




And guess who is the young pretty cute girl in white below? XD Cant tell you if you dont know! But if you frequent A87 you probably will know!


And two more pictures from the photoshoot!


Candid shot! <3


Okay thats all!

ps: Super sick of maid costume, cant wait for a87 to have another interesting theme.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Had a very long day yesterday.
Knocked out immediately when i got home.
Many things happened.
BAD and good. But more bad than good.

We were rushing for our photoshoot and boss was angry cause we didnt listen to her instructions.. =( Damn scary.
And photoshoot was quite stressful cause boss was there to direct the photoshoot.
And then after photoshoot i had to rush to meet my family for lunch at takashimaya coca. Ate Ate Ate, Super alot! Food very nice!
But after that, i was bloated and had a super bad stomach pain.
After lunch i went to meet Alfred for awhile before going to work.
He took care of me cause my stomach was pain =)
Then he fethched me to work.

Work was.. ultimately tiring. Seriously tiring. Customers were endless and it was only me and Yui. Boss brought some important japanese people to the shop at 11.30pm!
So me and yui had to OT. They only left at like 1 plus.
Damn tired! Still have to clean up for closing.
Yui mother even called to scold her for staying out so late. Poor yui, she cried.. Haiz. her mother so fierce. She is so strong lah she still can wash dishes after she cry. =X

Woke up at 12 pm today. And had to rush poor Jeri to send boss the pictures.
Super, scary. She sent me long long smses saying she needs the photos urgently. And poor Jeri is now burdened with the pictures. haiz. Sorry Jeri.. T__T

Here are a few pictures Jeri sent me,





Will post more when i manage to get them.

Later got performance practice at 5pm!
Going to nap awhile more before i go out.. BYE

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Had my last paper today!
Went plaza sing for dinner after my paper!
Pampered myself with my favourite Ramen! and Sashimi! After that we went to watch Alice in Wonderland. The show is.. nice! Very fantasy. Very.. my kindda thing. Love the characters and graphics and everything. But somehow the storyline was very predictable. Played with webcam when i came home! XD




Tomorrow is a busy day..
Got photoshoot at eleganz studio in the morning! With RingoMikanYui!
Then got family lunch at coca restaurant..
And then need to go to akibanana for work stuff.


Friday, March 5, 2010

My home wireless is finally fixed!
And exams are over tomorrow.
Its freaking Managerial Accounting tomorrow and im not prepared at all.
And! im talking to Ringo on msn while blogging now. =_=
Totally feels like its holidays already.

So many things to do when exams are over!
=D and i cant wait to get proper sleep!
I've been surviving on minimal sleep for the past one week..
Jerking in and out of sleep while studying as well.

Its been so long since i escape from everything and pay full attention to my books and notes. I know.. to some it is the other way round. But for me, i practically touch my notes only once in the whole entire semester. I do attend class! Just that i flip the pages when the person next to me flips. And copy whatever the teacher writes without any idea what the topic is even about. And stare into space 3/4 of the time. With the other 1/4 either eating, talking, sms-ing, doodling or facebooking.

Okay i have no idea why i typed that junk of words up there. But i should really get back to my books.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Exams starts tomorrow..
I'm so in deep shit.
Cant wait for this shit to be over.
Feels like ages since i studied so much.
Pimples are popping and head is aching.
Still have abit more to revise for tomorrow's exam.
And im super sleepy right now.
Maybe i'll go to bed and continue the last bit of my revising tomorrow morning?

tired Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay yes i should.
Night Everyone.. T__T