Saturday, March 13, 2010

Had quite a bad day. Wasnt feeling well, and quarrelled really badly with my sister.
Oh well. Anyway, i went to support A at his Bi-athlon early in the morning. It was super hot at east coast park! Cant believe people will want to take part in such a event when the weather is insane

The transit point after the 1.5km swim, where they change their shoes for the 10km run. The sea looks too scary to even step in, no idea how people can swim through that.

A and his friends

Went to parkway to eat Pasta Mania after that.

After that i went home and had a huge quarrell. Untill now when i think of it i still feel damn angry. Anyway its over and i wont bother with her anymore.

And just after i had the huge quarrell with my sister, my maid came to tell me that she put my favourite pink cat tshirt in bleach and the colour is gone. How great. Its my favourite tshirt! But i guess its okay since she apologised non stop. So, i went town for dinner just now and dropped by cathay to see if the cosplayers were still there. Didnt see any of them =( BUT i saw something very horrible. My freaking unglam pictures were being used as posters for the freaking event!! Mikan and Ringo and Yui too!! There were like so many posters of us and it is all at the main entrance of cathay. Like WTF! Its super... NOT nice! Mikan was complaining too! I bet there were alot more nicer pictures from the photoshoot. No idea why our boss chose those pictures. =(

Argh! Bad Bad Day...
Going to sleep now.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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