Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I just read the Jack Neo's news!
And omg now there are 11 women whom he had affair with!
And.. Most of them were from Jteam! >_<
And.. you know what?.. i'm from Jteam too!
I signed the contract with Jteam in 2008 too.
And also played a stupid small role in the movie money no enough 2!
And had many other opportunities to be on screen!
Not forgetting the up coming Kidnapper show with Christopher Lee.
All thanks to Jteam who gave me the opportunities.
And i thought everything was so professional! Met Jack Neo, spoke to him, he really sounds like a professional director.
Totally appear to me like a man who is flying high up there and only talks to you to PR.

And omg, now this news. Its a huge huge shock!
For someone like him who stands with the rights of Singaporeans.
He was a huge role model, film director, actor.
Who produced entertaining shows for the nation.
One of the most well known man in the Singapore entertainment industry.
I feel disgusted, dissapointed and very sad.

I used to look at him and say 'Wow', but now i'd probably look at him and say.. 'Eww'.
So many years of building his image..
Even if the matter is solved, the impression people now has on him will never be the same.

Reason for this post:
Even Jack Neo cheated, so can my boyfriend and so can yours.

Good thing my blog isnt known to many. So the media wont chance upon this post in case i said something wrong.

Going to sleep now. Night.

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