Sunday, March 14, 2010

I really dont know what to say.
My sister has serious issues. Right now im even shy she is my sister.
I dont even feel like calling her my sister.
Woke up early this morning to drink water and saw she was getting ready for school.
Went to peep at her preparing and saw she was wearing my favourite hairtie.
I told her nicely to take it out cause i was going to use it later.
And she shouted back at me saying, 'i dont care you are lending it to me'
then i said that i really want to use it later.
And she again said 'no i'm using it.'
It continued like that for a few more sentences till i got pissed off and shouted at her to take it out and i'll lend her another one.
So angry as she already was and always is, she took it out.
I really have no idea why one hair tie can make her so angry and worked up.
She even left the house without eating her breakfast that my maid took time to prepare nicely for her.

Just 2 days ago, On saturday.
Akibanana needed one more girl to work for the event on saturday.
A few days in advance i decided that maybe my sister can work since its only a day and besides she needed something more to her life.
So i called her, and she said okay. I abruptly confirmed with her and told her i'll send her the details.
As usual, with her 'dont-care' character, she didnt bother to even confirm anything with me and didnt even ask me any questions.
In fact she doesnt even know the timing to report and what she was suppose to do even though an email was sent to her (which i doubt she read).
Like omg, its a work thing and i was giving her an opportunity and yet she EXPECTS me to tell it to her like some kid.
So knowing her kind of attitude, i called her several times on Friday but she didnt pick any of my calls. I even messaged her to remind her and asked if she still wanted to do the job. BUT she didnt reply me either.
Obviously i would be responsible if she didnt turn up for the work. So to play safe, i decided to find someone else to replace her instead, so i wouldnt have to worry about her. Besides if she were to really go to the work, she would be expecting me to bring her there and help her dress up and everything. So i got a replacement for her. FYI im really too busy with work every day and i hardly get to see her at home.

The morning before the work, (work is at 1.30pm) at 10.30am she came into my room to take something and randomly asked me if today she got the work thing.
So i told her that it was too late cause i got someone to replace her since she didnt even get back to me.
She got mad, and started shouting at me, scolding me, accusing me and blaming me for not giving her the job.
She shouted at me saying that i didnt tell her she was being replaced and i put other people before her. And many other brainless accusations.
I got so angry i tried to argue and shouted back but it just got worse, because i was arguing with someone brainless.
I told her she should be more responsible and confirmed things with me in the first place. Plus if she really wanted the job she would have been pestering me for the details instead of me trying to contact her.
Simple to understand and its obvious she was in the wrong.
But she just kept going on and on shouting and screaming without thinking.
The quarrell was really bad.
She even went to the toilet to cry.
My parents thought i was the one that bullied her as usual.

I know i should had just shut up since i knew she was like that.
But the way she made those remarks, it was just too much.

Its such a pain coming home sometimes.
But i guess thats life for me.

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I'm going back to sleep now.
Thanks for reading this if you really read through this whole post.
I just needed to vent this out. I do feel better after typing this. =)

Hope everyone has a good day!

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