Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know you always watch 'Just for laughs' on the bus home or on television and sometimes you just cant help but laugh at those creative pranks they play on people.
I do find it rather entertaining and some are actually super funny.
But ever thought how it would be like if you were the one that got tricked on camera?
Its extremely not funny to me.
About more than a year ago, i think February last year, i was walking past the Clarke Quay bridge to work. There i got pranked by this group of people pretending to know me. Stupid me got tricked into it and i didnt think they were playing a trick on me till they told me. =__=
It was so embarrassing seriously! And after that incident i was wishing hoping praying it would never be published and no one will ever know about me being punked. I think i didnt tell anyone except akimme at that time. And this incident was LONG forgotten.

Yesterday! TADA! History replayed! And wow i never knew so many people had time for channel 5 shows. >_> Its super embarrassing! Like so many of your friends watched you get punked. Argh! The feeling is like you want to hide your face away from everyone! Damn angry!! @#%^&*

Okay enough of that.
Missed free cones day yesterday! So if i have no work this weekend i shall have a Ben and Jerry's ice cream outing! Thats IF i have no work. =)

Alright for pictures....
Photobucket is lagging on me! Okay i shall post 2 pictures first >_<



On my way to photoshoot on Monday!
Mikan's Purple care bear which she lend me last Sat! I want to get one for myself! =D super tiny and portable! haha.

Okay shall post more pictures tomorrow.

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