Monday, April 19, 2010

Using my friends lappy now!!! Finally get to use com again!
Im super outdated right now... Really need a new lappy.. =(

SO.. ive been busy packing packing packing packing and packing.
Family is going off to vancouver next week and i'll be living in with my grandma. =D
Kindda excited to live with my grandma! I'll get to eat nice food.. and i get a huge huge mirror to myself.. and the room is big!
But one thing very bad.. its very far from Alfred's house.. =(
And.. i'll have a 11pm curfew. T__T

Alright i
i'll post long dued pictures.

Did a simple manicure cause my nails was short! Chose this colour and i totally love it! Its so me! =D

Went to mediacorp last week for some runway filming.


They asked me to wear this brown dress which i totally do not like.
And they erased my usual make up! =__= and didnt draw back my eyeliner for me..
Super angry.

another model. Her make up is way nicer than mine.. =__=

All the models, we followed the bus to some hotel to do the filming.

The runway

Random behind the scenes.

Another outfit from topshop, and a messy hairdo.

thats about all for that day.

will blog again soon!
Got to go! BYE!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh boring blog of mine. =(
Want to blog and post pictures so bad! But my virus infected laptop has not been repaired yet..
This is gonna be another short short post.
Been very busy being a maid at home and at work. =__=
I'm going to be such a great wife next time XD
I even cooked for my family! =D

My parents are going off in 2 weeks time. So in this 2 weeks i'll be really busy with alot of things. Wont have time for any photoshoots or events or blah.
Needa settle so many stuff and do so many things!

???? Pictures, Images and Photos
So many things in my mind!! =(

Hope my laptop gets well soon..
Alright Night! <3

Monday, April 5, 2010

Typing this blog post on my mummy's iPhone now!
My computer is dead for now (infected by virus) so it's hard to do a good proper post.
Thats not it, everything is going wrong for me this days..
My lower eye lid has some infection and it's super painful. Need to see a doctor! Or I can't go for any shoots! ):
And I'm having a hard time at work, I've been so blur and I keep making mistakes and getting scolded!
And my parents are going off to Canada in 2 weeks so i will have to live with my grandma.
Which means curfew!

Anyway, boot camp starts tomorrow at akibanana!
And this time there are super chio and sweet girls!!
Must come and see them!
Trained them today and all of them are super cute and friendly.
Can't wait to work with them!

Alright there won't be pictures today since I'm blogging with a phone.
That's all for now!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its easter today.
I bought chocolates and sweets for easter.
But i've got no one to give it to.. =(
I shall bring it to work tomorrow.
Anyway Happy Easter everyone! ^__^

Went for some meeting at Jteam this afternoon..
So anyway conclusion is Jteam isnt dissolving yet.. =(
Its still operating as usual despite the JN issue.

Alright dad is rushing me off the computer. =__=

Friday, April 2, 2010

Its Good Friday!
And i didnt attend mass at church today.
Stayed home to take care of my daddy.
Didnt go to work today too. >_<
Feel so bad i had to miss work again. =(
Hopefully my dad recovers fast so i dont have to worry anymore..

Oh! Do join The Kiasu Times Facebook! >

Mikan and me are in their April's issue! You can download the file to take a look! <3 Support them k!

Alright thats all for now.
Night! Ran Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lotssa thing to blog about.. so little time!
Have to head to work in a few minutes time.
Was at the hospital with my dad just now.
Poor daddy. Really pray he will recover soon. Hate seeing my love ones suffer.

Oh ya Its April Fools Day! that wasnt a joke really.
i've not played a prank on anyone yet!
Shall play one at work later. XD

Alright will blog about more stuff again tonight if i have time!
Oh ya me and Mikan are on Kiasu Times April issue!
I'll blog about it and post the link later too! So stay tuned! ^__^


OHOH.. Its Maundy Thursday today too. I'm suppose to be moarning in church later cause Jesus is going to die tomorrow. But i'll be working instead. Guess God will understand right?? XD