Monday, April 5, 2010

Typing this blog post on my mummy's iPhone now!
My computer is dead for now (infected by virus) so it's hard to do a good proper post.
Thats not it, everything is going wrong for me this days..
My lower eye lid has some infection and it's super painful. Need to see a doctor! Or I can't go for any shoots! ):
And I'm having a hard time at work, I've been so blur and I keep making mistakes and getting scolded!
And my parents are going off to Canada in 2 weeks so i will have to live with my grandma.
Which means curfew!

Anyway, boot camp starts tomorrow at akibanana!
And this time there are super chio and sweet girls!!
Must come and see them!
Trained them today and all of them are super cute and friendly.
Can't wait to work with them!

Alright there won't be pictures today since I'm blogging with a phone.
That's all for now!

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