Monday, April 19, 2010

Using my friends lappy now!!! Finally get to use com again!
Im super outdated right now... Really need a new lappy.. =(

SO.. ive been busy packing packing packing packing and packing.
Family is going off to vancouver next week and i'll be living in with my grandma. =D
Kindda excited to live with my grandma! I'll get to eat nice food.. and i get a huge huge mirror to myself.. and the room is big!
But one thing very bad.. its very far from Alfred's house.. =(
And.. i'll have a 11pm curfew. T__T

Alright i
i'll post long dued pictures.

Did a simple manicure cause my nails was short! Chose this colour and i totally love it! Its so me! =D

Went to mediacorp last week for some runway filming.


They asked me to wear this brown dress which i totally do not like.
And they erased my usual make up! =__= and didnt draw back my eyeliner for me..
Super angry.

another model. Her make up is way nicer than mine.. =__=

All the models, we followed the bus to some hotel to do the filming.

The runway

Random behind the scenes.

Another outfit from topshop, and a messy hairdo.

thats about all for that day.

will blog again soon!
Got to go! BYE!

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