Friday, May 28, 2010

Its been.. awhile =___=
i'm just always so lazy to blog
And i honestly have nothing to blog.

Lets start with this super awesome dance and song. I so love it!

Lets see
Mainly there isnt anything to blog about besides photoshoots pictures and filming pictures which i dont intend to post because its such a hassle to upload..

What else can i say, im sortta enjoying my stay here with my grandparents although my grandma can be a total bitch at times i guess i have to bear with it.
On the other side, my sister is enjoying it much more than i am! =D She comes home without greeting my grandma and she lies to my grandma causing more than a major explosion. And wow i never thought my sister was as brave as me, she could shout at my grandma too! Totally amazing. Oh well..

Oh today i just discovered new entertainment!
I had a great time answering all your questions just now!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Omg, i'm kindda excited to emcee for streetfest!!
=D Its been a year!
Was prepared to just go there this year to see look see look.

Oh i went for my first facial yesterday, cause my face was getting quite bad, had lots of.. small dot dot thingy thanks to the freaking weather.
I never knew facial was painful!!
I almost cried lah! okay not really cry, but the stupid person press untill my tears want to come out. =__=
But now my face is alot better! =D Although its still abit reddish on the spots she pressed. But its smoother!! XD
Not sure if i dare to go back for any more facial though.

HMmMM, next week is going to be a busy week for me.
Will post pictures though.

Here is one from today, doodled on the my picture as my face had reddish spots due to the facial =(

Was suppose to go out with Rochelle. But suddenly she didnt feel well =(
So i ended up going to Atsuki myself to meet Uncle david.
Went to visit the shop one last time before it closes down on the 15th.

Alright thats all. BYE.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Its Mother's Day.
But my mum is far far away in another continent.
I guess when you have your parents you dont treasure them, but when they are far far away and you know you wont get to see them for a long long time, it just feels horrible.
Now, no matter how much i want my family back together, its not going to happen.
Sad as it is but life still goes on.

And sometimes all i need is just a someone who would just listen and understand how i feel.

Oh well,
Enough of me being all emo.

Here is a cake my aunty bought for my grandma. =D its super nice!
Its called "Baileys on the rocks" and it really does taste like baileys!!

Alright, I'm going to sleep now.
cute kitten kouh Pictures, Images and Photos

Hopefully i wont feel so emo again tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So ive been REALLY out of touch with everything in the net.
I've been living without a laptop and without internet for almost a month?
Cant believe i survived.
So many has happened,
-Laptop crashed with a freaking virus,
-Spent the whole of April Packing my house
-Maid went home so i was doing house work during my free time
-Dad fell sick, very sick
-and Just last week parents and brother went over to Canada to do their landing
-Sister and me moved to grandparents house ( will be living here for probably the next decade)

theres actually more that happened. but i shall leave out the rest for now or this post is going to be neverending.

Finally, all this is over
Hope things will get better this month for me. =)

Okay here is one picture of after everything was moved out of our house, and the day before my family seperated. =(

First day staying in grandparents house.
They have a full length mirror right outside my room! And plus i have my own dressing table. It totally rocks.

(Oh my eyes hasnt fully recovered yet, so it looks abit swollen on my left lower eye lid ) I finally managed to go out after so long, Went to eat sakae sushi!


And Hagen Daz for ice cream! =D


I seriously havnt enjoyed in super long. Totally felt like i was a prisoner that just got released from jail.

Oh! And do you know.. Bugis actually sells cheap and Super nice Xiao Long Baos?
I went there for a walk that day and decided to try it since i was hungry.
And omg for the next hour i couldnt help thinking of how nice it was!!


Just by looking at this picture makes me remember the awesome taste.

I shall get to sleep now. Needa wake up early tomorrow to go for fitting for Monday's shoot.
Will blog more often now! I promise!!!!