Friday, May 28, 2010

Its been.. awhile =___=
i'm just always so lazy to blog
And i honestly have nothing to blog.

Lets start with this super awesome dance and song. I so love it!

Lets see
Mainly there isnt anything to blog about besides photoshoots pictures and filming pictures which i dont intend to post because its such a hassle to upload..

What else can i say, im sortta enjoying my stay here with my grandparents although my grandma can be a total bitch at times i guess i have to bear with it.
On the other side, my sister is enjoying it much more than i am! =D She comes home without greeting my grandma and she lies to my grandma causing more than a major explosion. And wow i never thought my sister was as brave as me, she could shout at my grandma too! Totally amazing. Oh well..

Oh today i just discovered new entertainment!
I had a great time answering all your questions just now!

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