Saturday, May 8, 2010

Omg, i'm kindda excited to emcee for streetfest!!
=D Its been a year!
Was prepared to just go there this year to see look see look.

Oh i went for my first facial yesterday, cause my face was getting quite bad, had lots of.. small dot dot thingy thanks to the freaking weather.
I never knew facial was painful!!
I almost cried lah! okay not really cry, but the stupid person press untill my tears want to come out. =__=
But now my face is alot better! =D Although its still abit reddish on the spots she pressed. But its smoother!! XD
Not sure if i dare to go back for any more facial though.

HMmMM, next week is going to be a busy week for me.
Will post pictures though.

Here is one from today, doodled on the my picture as my face had reddish spots due to the facial =(

Was suppose to go out with Rochelle. But suddenly she didnt feel well =(
So i ended up going to Atsuki myself to meet Uncle david.
Went to visit the shop one last time before it closes down on the 15th.

Alright thats all. BYE.

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