Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So ive been REALLY out of touch with everything in the net.
I've been living without a laptop and without internet for almost a month?
Cant believe i survived.
So many has happened,
-Laptop crashed with a freaking virus,
-Spent the whole of April Packing my house
-Maid went home so i was doing house work during my free time
-Dad fell sick, very sick
-and Just last week parents and brother went over to Canada to do their landing
-Sister and me moved to grandparents house ( will be living here for probably the next decade)

theres actually more that happened. but i shall leave out the rest for now or this post is going to be neverending.

Finally, all this is over
Hope things will get better this month for me. =)

Okay here is one picture of after everything was moved out of our house, and the day before my family seperated. =(

First day staying in grandparents house.
They have a full length mirror right outside my room! And plus i have my own dressing table. It totally rocks.

(Oh my eyes hasnt fully recovered yet, so it looks abit swollen on my left lower eye lid ) I finally managed to go out after so long, Went to eat sakae sushi!


And Hagen Daz for ice cream! =D


I seriously havnt enjoyed in super long. Totally felt like i was a prisoner that just got released from jail.

Oh! And do you know.. Bugis actually sells cheap and Super nice Xiao Long Baos?
I went there for a walk that day and decided to try it since i was hungry.
And omg for the next hour i couldnt help thinking of how nice it was!!


Just by looking at this picture makes me remember the awesome taste.

I shall get to sleep now. Needa wake up early tomorrow to go for fitting for Monday's shoot.
Will blog more often now! I promise!!!!

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