Saturday, January 22, 2011

I cannot believe how attached i am to my books.
And even more i cannot believe how i managed to abstain from any form of social networking while studying.

The drive i have for my studies is so unbelievable.
I spend practically every second with my books, apart from sleeping, eating and going to the toilet.
In fact, right now the only reason why i'm blogging is because i'm 'forcing' myself to take a break.

Its times like this that i actually come to feel grateful for being criticized/ discriminated.

And i think thats enough for a break.
Back to my study desk.

Till then! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I don't like Monday's lecture!
The teacher talk like talking to himself.
He call my name for attendance also never wait for me to respond, then when i say i never hear my name he say i busy coughing and sneezing so he just went ahead and marked my attendance.
He mark must also let me know he acknowledged i'm there mah!
Today while he was calling out attendance, i made sure i listened carefully, but somehow i got distracted for awhile. And again! I didn't hear my name! Argh.

Then during lesson, i have to pay like 190% attention to him to understand. Because the way he lectures is like talking to himself. And my brain takes 5 times longer to register what he says. So imagine how much work my brain goes through during that 3 hour lecture.

And now i feel super guilty for knocking out the moment i reached home. I was too drained to even eat my dinner! I still have revisions to do!! Ughhh..

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi world.

I'm still alive, but just not cyberly active.
Been too busy trying to get the hang of studying the most wordiest textbooks ever.
No fun at all trust me. I'm someone who possess an attention span of less than a normal human being. Ok that's exaggerating, but i seriously find it terribly hard to study for an hour straight without having to think of snacks, fb, twitter, sleep etc. Like right now, i'm even blogging with my books beside me! Oh wow i'm so disciplined.

Well whatever it is, i'm still in the midst of mastering the art of being disciplined. SO, excuse me for now.

OH and twitter has currently became part of my life. I update it more often than my brain gets updated. So please follow me on my twitter if you happen to be somewhat interested in my nonsensical life. (not that i expect anyone to be).

Lastly, whats with the change in horoscopes issue about? Is it faux news? Does it apply to everyone? And homg, i can't believe i had the thought of tattooing a Scorpion on my back a few months ago. HAHAHA.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Gonna do a blogpost on my hair soon! : D (not that my hair is exceptionally nice or what)
But i'm gonna share some tips on how to make your hair grow faster! Tested and proven.

But for now, back to my books.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Spent like 3 hours typing a super long blogpost about my assignment topic, but still deciding whether or not i should post it cause its like .. boring?

Anyhows~ i'm currently undergoing a self self-disciplinary regime.
Because school has started and i've got this extremely horrid habit of social networking during study times. Its extremely destructive. Thing is, i do somehow need the computer in front of me to research on a certain term or word while i'm studying, so its just not possible to 'study without the com'. So, with every 5 minutes of revision, i would kindda spend 20 minutes viewing my fb newsfeed before searching on the damn word and getting back to study. It goes on and on, and yeah its a stinking bad habit.

Well, but me being a very persistent learner (AHEM as if), i've decided to start myself on a very very strict discipline regime. SO for now expect less fb updates.

Oh but follow me on twitter! :D
hurhur how contradicting.

Ok thats all for now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Can you freaking believe it ? I've been looking forward to this day for 5 months, the day i finally start school again. I was damn excited i tell you. I kept telling my parents about going to school and they were all so excited for me! And blardy hell, when the day finally arrived after so long, i just had to fall sick.
And when i say 'sick', i mean VERY sick.
So sick, my eyes are like burning and teary, my brains feels like its reaching boiling point, my limbs are feeling lifeless and numb, my joints feels like its scraping sandpaper every time its bent, my lips looks abnormally red, there feels like a lump stuck in my throat and my taste buds are currently non existent.
Tell me just how great is that..
To make things even more awesome, it was raining diamonds today. I swear, i never imagined how painful it could get walking in the insanely cold weather with the rain on my face.

Enough said.

Oh yeah, i love my lecturers. Despite the fact i was sick, i actually really enjoyed classes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


So here is to my blog's reopening!
Till today i've no idea why i decided to close my blog.
Honestly it felt like a really long time since i last blogged here, but according to the history --> , my last blog post was in May 2010! seriously? It felt like years!
(fyi this blog is by right 3 year old, but the older posts kindda disappeared.)

Reason why i decided to open this blog is because, my oh-so interesting life needs some attention. :D So to mark the beginning of a brand new BEGINNING, i shall honor my life and start showering it with attention.

So expect lots of unnecessary/ attention seeking/ random updates. In another words, Welcome to my personal blog (once again).

Oh and if you're wondering what happened to mi-aow.blogspot.com, it is now Mirai's personal blog! I decided that it was too hard for me to blog something relevant as i am practically out of reach from the living world. I feel really bad, how she's put in so much effort to the blog and managed to get so much readers and followers, while i was just hooking on it and contributed only a few pathetic posts! So anyway, after much discussion, we decided that she would continue using it for her own personal blog! Please check out her blog if you havn't! She is ultra cute!

Okay thats all for now.