Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi world.

I'm still alive, but just not cyberly active.
Been too busy trying to get the hang of studying the most wordiest textbooks ever.
No fun at all trust me. I'm someone who possess an attention span of less than a normal human being. Ok that's exaggerating, but i seriously find it terribly hard to study for an hour straight without having to think of snacks, fb, twitter, sleep etc. Like right now, i'm even blogging with my books beside me! Oh wow i'm so disciplined.

Well whatever it is, i'm still in the midst of mastering the art of being disciplined. SO, excuse me for now.

OH and twitter has currently became part of my life. I update it more often than my brain gets updated. So please follow me on my twitter if you happen to be somewhat interested in my nonsensical life. (not that i expect anyone to be).

Lastly, whats with the change in horoscopes issue about? Is it faux news? Does it apply to everyone? And homg, i can't believe i had the thought of tattooing a Scorpion on my back a few months ago. HAHAHA.



  1. Gah, I hate wordy textbooks. I hate the fact that I had to read a thick novel within a week for an English course... If it was a light novel such as Haruhi or Shana then it's fine, but if it's uninteresting then PASS!

    LoL and don't worry about the horoscope thing. It's only for people born after 2009 apparently XD

  2. i've test tmr but yet i'm checking ur blog! >.<

    we are soooo desciplined! hehehehe

    i'm still a leo even with the change