Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I don't like Monday's lecture!
The teacher talk like talking to himself.
He call my name for attendance also never wait for me to respond, then when i say i never hear my name he say i busy coughing and sneezing so he just went ahead and marked my attendance.
He mark must also let me know he acknowledged i'm there mah!
Today while he was calling out attendance, i made sure i listened carefully, but somehow i got distracted for awhile. And again! I didn't hear my name! Argh.

Then during lesson, i have to pay like 190% attention to him to understand. Because the way he lectures is like talking to himself. And my brain takes 5 times longer to register what he says. So imagine how much work my brain goes through during that 3 hour lecture.

And now i feel super guilty for knocking out the moment i reached home. I was too drained to even eat my dinner! I still have revisions to do!! Ughhh..

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