Saturday, January 8, 2011


Spent like 3 hours typing a super long blogpost about my assignment topic, but still deciding whether or not i should post it cause its like .. boring?

Anyhows~ i'm currently undergoing a self self-disciplinary regime.
Because school has started and i've got this extremely horrid habit of social networking during study times. Its extremely destructive. Thing is, i do somehow need the computer in front of me to research on a certain term or word while i'm studying, so its just not possible to 'study without the com'. So, with every 5 minutes of revision, i would kindda spend 20 minutes viewing my fb newsfeed before searching on the damn word and getting back to study. It goes on and on, and yeah its a stinking bad habit.

Well, but me being a very persistent learner (AHEM as if), i've decided to start myself on a very very strict discipline regime. SO for now expect less fb updates.

Oh but follow me on twitter! :D
hurhur how contradicting.

Ok thats all for now.

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