Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Can you freaking believe it ? I've been looking forward to this day for 5 months, the day i finally start school again. I was damn excited i tell you. I kept telling my parents about going to school and they were all so excited for me! And blardy hell, when the day finally arrived after so long, i just had to fall sick.
And when i say 'sick', i mean VERY sick.
So sick, my eyes are like burning and teary, my brains feels like its reaching boiling point, my limbs are feeling lifeless and numb, my joints feels like its scraping sandpaper every time its bent, my lips looks abnormally red, there feels like a lump stuck in my throat and my taste buds are currently non existent.
Tell me just how great is that..
To make things even more awesome, it was raining diamonds today. I swear, i never imagined how painful it could get walking in the insanely cold weather with the rain on my face.

Enough said.

Oh yeah, i love my lecturers. Despite the fact i was sick, i actually really enjoyed classes.

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