Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy bun bun year

Its been awhile since i last vanished.

yes vanish is the word.

There's really no particular reason why, but its just cause i'm too busy being a nerd in school.
I'm so geeky that the only thing in my mind is books. And if i were to blog everyday, its gonna be all about my studies. Interesting right! :D 
And yes i do not have a social life end of story.
Oh yeah, and also due to some reasons i currently do not possess any electronic device. I'm living off my family member's laptop/ computer, whoever allows me access.
I'm looking into getting a new laptop though! But probably not so soon. (yes my life sucks)
Since, i needed to keep myself away from those constitutions and statutes, i decide maybe i should just post some pics of the more interesting part of my not so interesting life. 

To make things sound more positive,
I actually do get lots of fun a part from my books, thanks to my Dad, he never fails to brighten my life.
The CNY weekend was for everyone a period of shopping, eating, visitings, fun and more fun... I won't deny that i'm feeling that teenie bit of home-sickness thinking of all that i'm missing. 
But to make up to that, my sweet Dad brought us to spend our weekend up on the mountain with lots of snow! It was a memorable experience which i'd never trade for a cny celebration. We had such great fun learning to ski and playing with the snow. Although it was kindda unplanned but things went perfect.

Here's a few pics, i won't post too many pics as the laptop i'm currently using is very old and insanely slow.

Me on Skis! Ignore the humongous attire.

Spot me waving from the ski lift! This shot was pure coincidence. My dad didn't realize i was up on the ski lift while he was snapping pictures.

Having Ski lessons with my Instructor.

Those names on the signboard are so fantasy! Reminds me of the Enid Blyton books i used to read when i was young.

Brother playing angel on snow while my sister throws snowballs on him.

Mum and bro before his Ski lessons.

Thats all, for now.

Hope to blog again soon.
Happy CNY everyone! Stay happy!

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