Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know i'm such a boring person. My whole life is about school school and school. Tell me about it.

Theres nothing i can say
and theres nothing there is to say

Anyway i've reactivated my facebook.
Living without FB for 2 weeks was a refreshing experience and a great accomplishment.
I know.. Lame..
Everyone should try it one day! Like during exams, when you really need the concentration. Deactivating it for a week or 2 can actually be very productive!
You'll feel like theres so much more you could do besides sitting and staring at news feeds. Life just seems more realistic.

Well whatever it is, my exams are over for now! (another one in 3 weeks though)

For now, i'm gonna catch up on sleep! Its 2pm here and theres no classes today, and tomorrow and saturday and sunday! Oh yehhh!

1 comment:

  1. waaa miyo!!

    ur skin super nice!!

    loving canada's temp and air yea? hehehe